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Only in Abruzzo Heritage is a bridge between the region of Abruzzo and the former inhabitants of this region. The Abruzzesi leaving their own land and traditions was full of tragedies, as they left behind affection, passion, dreams, houses, friends and relatives. The Abruzzese have been migrating for centuries, exporting their good manners, their work ethics, capacity to endure, family values and friendship. Thanks to migration, people were able to find better lifestyles, they found new jobs, new society and managed to make it in this world, trying to give hope to their kids and the new generation.

In essence, understanding emigrants and emigration, Only in Abruzzo Heritage would like to make the ties with all the Abruzzesi spread around the world. We would like to facilitate the opportunity for people that have never come to Abruzzo, donít speak the language very well and are hesitant to come to Abruzzo because they are concerned of what they might find in this region.

Making it official with a certified family tree is a nice start. But what we love to do is reconnect the second or third generation Abruzzese to the old world, to the home town. Wouldnít you like to see the old house of your grandfather or great grandfather. Or try to imagine their lifestyle in the old environment, walking the same roads, looking at the same mountains, fishing in the same sea, eating the same vegetables that your ancestors did. Itís a lifetime experience and we like to make it memorable.

Write to us with your desires and we can customize your dream heritage tour.


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