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Is this where your grandmother used to live? Or maybe her second cousin still lives there!

For so many emigrants around the world, coming back to Abruzzo to find living relatives or long-lost family friends or properties is just a dream.

Make this dream your reality. With the right assistance, there is a new world to be discovered when you come and visit what your parents may have called the "old world".

Sure, you can build your family tree from afar; but when you set foot on the ground your loved ones lived on, toiled on, and heartbrokenly had to leave, you will find new emotions welling up inside you.

Trace your lineage in person, alongside one of our personal guides who will help you weed through documents, translate old records, and find your connections.

Contact us to build your own personal family history tour.

One family's story with a "happy beginning"
This genealogy success story takes place in the small village of Introdacqua, near Sulmona in the province of L'Aquila. Here we are meeting with our local expert who helped our customer find her relatives.
As we walked around town investigating, we met a former schoolteacher. That's when we knew we were on to something because school teachers seem to know just about everybody in town. The good schoolteachers usually get to meet two or three generations of the same family over the years. We enjoyed the fresh produce market while the schoolteacher got the community involved, asking around about who knew who and where to find them.
Down this tiny stone street, we finally found the right house. Instead of ringing the doorbell, the teacher called out to the elderly woman inside, shouting, "Giovannina! Giovannina! You've got a relative from America here to visit you!" The woman replied, "America? I don't have any relatives in America!" "Are you sure?" they asked, "Look at this photograph and tell us if you know anybody in it!" We tossed up an old black and white photo which our customer had brought along. When she looked at the photo, she exclaimed with much surprise, "This is me in the photo! How...? What...? How did you get this photo?!? Come on up!"
As we munched on homemade cookies,our local expert went through the family history with her and all the pieces came together. We learned about other relatives around town we could contact.
Both our customer and her long-lost relative were so happy to finally have been united. There was also a striking physical resemblance between them!
 Then the fun really started! We went out and found the other relatives that the elderly woman had directed us toward. They were extremely hospitable and they called in the whole family from their work out in the fields, who gave us all bear-hugs despite the dirt and sweat! Then we all went to meet the grandmother, who is one of the last existing shepherd women in Abruzzo. Here, they broke out all the family photos and some grappa to celebrate with, even though it was only 10:00 in the morning!

If you liked this story, contact us to book a tour to find your Italian Abruzzi Ancestry!


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