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Abruzzo will surprise you with all it has to offer! Clean beaches and a turquoise blue sea, fantastic lakes, amazing mountains, medieval hilltop towns, peaceful rivers, woods and more. With just an hour’s drive, any of these enticing destinations is easy to reach. Abruzzo offers an ideal climate in each of our four full seasons, so visitors have something to enjoy all year long. This is why we’ve chosen to call ourselves ONLY IN ABRUZZO. We feel that this region is very unique because of the authentic “best of Italy” visitors can experience here. The only thing missing in this not-very-popular region is the recognition. Abruzzo is off the beaten path and has not become a popular “brand name” yet. But people that come to Abruzzo are amazed by the beauty and the uniqueness of this region and they wonder why there is so little tourism here!
ONLY IN ABRUZZO’s goal is to promote Abruzzo through our very well-organized package vacations. We are an Abruzzo-based company that has organized a few complete tours, allowing you to visit Abruzzo in one week at an affordable price. How we differ from others is that our tours are all-inclusive and include a personal touch. We keep our quality level high and our prices low because we sell direct; we do not go through any third party. We are a lean operation without any expensive surcharges. Our organic food, our Abruzzo-style hospitality and our comfortable accommodation will make your stay unforgettable. When you come to Abruzzo, we want you to feel like you’re in the real Italy, not in a tourist trap. We want you to feel that you are a family friend visiting Abruzzo, and we will show you Abruzzo hospitality.

Our Abruzzo Tours

We have organized 3 different ways to visit Abruzzo:

Grande Turismo Tour: This package tour was constructed to give you the opportunity to visit the whole region of Abruzzo in one week, in total comfort. Transportation is by deluxe coach and the group size ranges from a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 35. The price is very affordable and it is all-inclusive. You will be staying at a nice hotel in Vasto and travelling all over Abruzzo. We visit Sulmona, explore Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Rocca Calascio, tour Castelli and its ceramics shop, discover Loreto Aprutino and its olive oil museum, tour Pescara, Chieti, Lanciano, Scanno and more.

Deluxe Culinary Tour: This package tour is more exclusive. The home base is a recently renovated palace in Carunchio, called Palazzo Tour d’Eau. This palace was built in 1730 and it has only 6 suites and one culinary kitchen, along with one of the best restaurants in Abruzzo. This tour differs from the Grande Turismo tour because it includes more hands-on cooking experience. Basically, in this tour, guests have the opportunity to cook in the morning and then go on some excursions in the afternoon. It is also more exclusive because the maximum number of participants is 8 people. Transportation is by deluxe Mercedes van, and of course, everything is included.

Genealogy Personal: This type of tour is for visitors that want to discover their roots through legal documents, Abruzzo genealogy or family tree. This is the most exclusive tour because it is 100% customized. The number of participants can range from just one person to a whole family. What we do is some investigation work, and then we host you in the town of your preference and spend some time with your new-found relatives, or explore the town that your ancestors came from. This is more than just a tour, it is really a fantastic experience that warms hearts and builds new relationships.


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